A Comparative Evaluation of the Latest ELTTP in Turkey: The Lecturers’ Perspective versus Teacher Trainees’ Perspective

Meltem Türken


This study evaluated the latest English Language Teacher Training Programme in Turkey from the viewpoint of both students who were enrolled on the programme for a period of four years and lecturers who train the students in an English Language Teacher Training Programme. Participants were 36 last-year- students who enrolled in the English Language Teaching department at Uludağ University and nine lecturers who teach in the ELT department at Uludağ University, Turkey. The data was collected by the help of two questionnaires which contained the inventory of programme courses, each of which was rated both by the students and lecturers regarding three criteria: the contribution of the given course(s) to (1) the ‘personal’ development of the students, the contribution of the given course(s) to (2) the ‘professional’ development of the students, and (3) whether the students think that ‘the course(s) provided them with theoretical and practical knowledge applicable during their active teaching life’. The participants were also asked to rate whether the course contents or course lecturers/instructors contributed more to students’ development. Also, the lecturer participants were asked to rate if the current ELTTP is enough for a students’ personal and academic development. The results indicate that, the current English Language Teacher Training Program is considered inefficient and dissatisfactory both from the viewpoint of the instructors of the program and students who are enrolled in it. 

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